soul amp formed in june 2004 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. from indie pop to ranging jams, alt grind and angst punk, acoustic ballads and folk rock. guitar, keys and drums. simple sonics, complex textures, emotive, dark and at times bright and cheerful. soul amp challenges listeners to digest multiple genres in one sitting. these songs are made up from the sound track of the lives of these three musicans. mike fisk piano wurli and hammond brad odland guitars and vocals micheal netteshiem drums and percussion

press and comments Interview 10/14/05

Strip Mall Heaven review in Rick's Cafe December 2005 issue.

"Soul Amp takes sonic cues from a diverse array of artists;
the influence of everyone from the Greatful Dead and Phish to REM,
David Bowie and Ben Folds is detectable throughout the record. What's
remarkable about Heaven is the way these desparate sounds are blended
into a singular, homeogenous presentation."

"But even at the most somber lyrical moments, the spiritied music
always manages to convey a somewhat midwestern keep on truckin' attitude and sence of determination"
- John Payne Ricks's Cafe

"Enjoyed the CD, kind of folky-Traffic-ish, not your typical attack instrument-wise" - Mark Shurilla - Mark Shurilla & The Greatest hits

2005 amber soup records